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Are You Tired of feeling Ashamed of your body, having to "hold your stomach in" during social outings or hiding it under oversized clothes? I know I was! SO I MADE A DECISION TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

This HIGH-Intensity Bodyweight Program was Built to help you MELT Fat and Build muscle fast. Anytime. Anywhere, and yes, All You need is your Body.



Body Rebuild Training Program by Mogul Body


When I first heard this quote 3 years ago, it resonated deeply with me. It was so much more than "just another saying"

I don't know about you, but I didn't grow up playing organized sports or working out regularly or anything like that. Nor was I taught the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.

I was always the skinny fat kid that knew absolutely nothing about training and how your diet affects you. I literally thought that having a great body was solely based on your genetics, being something you had or didn't have. I thought the gym only worked for people who were already in decent shape, mostly because I never saw anyone who's body looked similar to mine transform their physique. It just didn't seem real. I didn't actually start working out somewhat regularly until I was 26 years old, and even then I didn't truly understand what I was doing.

Najee Kelley Body Rebuild Before and After

All I knew was I was starting to build some muscle, but honestly speaking, I was still just "winging it". I hadn't learned the importance of a proper program, or how to actually reveal that muscle I built, through diet and my now super effective cardio method. To me, I still just looked fat, with a little more muscle. Which caused me to become demotivated and inconsistent with not seeing the results I wanted and expected. This vicious cycle continued as I would start back up, fall off, make a little more progress and fall back off.

Eventually, it got to a point where I grew tired of not having the body I wanted and deserved. At this point, I knew in my mind it was possible, and I wanted to physically prove it to myself. There's a science behind losing fat and building muscle and I was determined to figure it out. I started studying every fitness and nutrition book I could get my hands on.


I took courses from top training certification programs and watched hours and hours of videos from professional coaches. The more I learned, the more interested I became in how the body works, to the point where I decided this is what I wanted to do with my time here. Help others who're as frustrated as I was, finally build their dream body.

Except save them all the mistakes I made and all of the wasted time it took me to figure it out. I realized that age is simply a statistic, and is not the determining factor of how your body has to look or feel for the rest of your life.

Rather you're Age 26 or 76, at any moment you choose, you can REBUILD your body with the right mindset, strategies, and habits. And That's exactly what I'll be sharing with you today...


This is the Exact Strategy that I used to MELT Fat off my Body

and I've condensed it all into an EASY TO FOLLOW plan for YOU To do The SAME. BODY REBUILD WILL HELP YOU:

Najee Kelley Body Transformation

Annihilate Fat From All Over Your Body that's been hiding your true shape, so you can finally see your true shape, definition, those abs you’ve been dreaming of!

Develop Strong and Toned Muscles with Done-for-you, easy to follow workouts that hit every muscle group in the body multiple times per week for time efficient and effective results!

Shoot Your Confidence threw the Roof with a neck-breaking body you’ll love putting on display, and knowing you worked for it. Never hide your body under over-sized clothes again!



Najee Kelley working out poolside

During this first stage, our attention is on learning and getting accustomed to the movements, while focusing on removing as much body fat as possible, for you to stay motivated from fast results.

Najee Kelley working out at the pool

We continue the process of removing fat from our frame while starting to shift our attention to developing strength and muscle. This is when you start to see the hard work paying off. 

Mogul Naj working out at the pool

This is where we go ALL IN! We've already shredded a TON of fat, and built a foundation of muscle, now we're toning and strengthening to cap off our complete BODY REBUILD.


You'll Uncover...

  • How to build the lean and toned look you want by turning your body into a fat-burning machine for HOURS AFTER you've finished your workouts

  • An EASY, follow-along video workouts that take all the guesswork out of building your dream body, along with the habits to KEEP your dream body...

  • An effective video workout program that guides you step by step through each exercise using the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques you can do from your home, hotel or even outside if you want...

  • Fast, challenging, but simple exercises you can do in just 30-45 minutes to see insane results... All you need is your body weight, no lifting weights or running on a treadmill for hours everyday, you don't even need a gym membership or any equipment at all to do this program!

  • Learn how far you're willing to push yourself for what you want. Find out of what you're really made of by pushing yourself, challenging your willpower, and building the discipline to succeed with this program. And once you do, you'll come to see there's nothing you can't accomplish

Confidence Comes From Preparation. Preparation is The habit of Taking Action.

Only Action will Change Your Life

There's No Magical Moment in The future when things are just going to get better for us. All we will ever have is the Present moment to take advantage of. Build Your Dream Body Today.

Here's How BODY REBUILD Works:

Your Body is Rapidly Transformed by focusing on THREE Essential Components:

  • #1: Fat Loss First

    What I've learned from my Rebuild is that seeing some sort of fast results to let you know that the work you're putting in is worth it, is a major key to staying motivated to see it through. This is why Body Rebuild was developed with methodically effective high-intensity workouts to help you quickly, burn excess body fat all over. 

  • #2: Increase Muscle Definition

    One rabbit hole a lot of people often fall into when trying to achieve their Rebuild is that they only focus on fat loss. They tend to overlook building muscle, thinking it's going to make them look "too bulky", which is simply not true. That's like saying you don't want to play pickup basketball because you don't want to become Lebron James. Sounds ridiculous right? Well, that's the point! Getting "bulky" has to be a desire with a plan, it doesn't by just working out. For ladies, building muscle will simply enhance your curves with a toned look. For guys, it will make your physique look more masculine and defined. 

    I've laid out my Go-To Bodyweight workouts in a simple system to burn excess fat and keep it off while revealing your true shape. Body Rebuild AB workouts will help also build your lower abs with specific movements so you're not left with that bulge of noticeable annoying belly fat from hanging out. We'll be destroying loose fat from your arms, thighs, belly, and other unwanted areas to finally show off that toned body you've worked for.

  • #3: Rebuild With Precision Mentality

    I believe whole-heartily that conquering your body is the key to conquering your life. Building the discipline, habits and routines and lifestyle changes involved with Rebuilding Your Body spills over into other areas of your life.

    How you do anything is how you do everything. Learning to eat in a more balanced, controlled way and work out when you're supposed to, rather you feel like it or not, reshapes your mind and makes you operate at another level.

    When you make it through this high-intensity 12-week, 3-Stage program, you'll rebuild not only your body but also your mind. You'll be challenged to push a little harder, and get a little more uncomfortable, which is the only what we can grow and accomplish our goals. You'll build the resiliency that can be applied to other areas of life.

Here's EXACTLY What You Receive within This

Bodyweight Video Workout Program:

  • A Beginner Focused Workout routine to learn the movements, make progress and build your confidence.

  • FULL Access To All 12 High Intensity BODY REBUILD Video Workouts that Only last 30-45 Minutes each.

  • A Step by Step System For Dropping Fat through the 3 Stages Of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • A FULL GROCERY LIST consisting of nutrient dense plant-based foods to keep you full longer, and DROPPING fat like a bad habit.

  • A Sample Menu Plan with BONUS Fat Loss Recipes, along with a list of high protein foods for building muscle!

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Training Workout Log

What gets Measured get Managed. Tracking and accountability are essential to receive the best results with working out and diet. This worksheet makes THE Entire process a BREEZE, by allowing you to visually see exactly what you did during each workout, and how you can improve your upcoming ones.

Along with holding you accountable to your diet, so you can see why it's working, and so you that don't mess up all the work you put in!

Body Rebuild Bodyweight Training Log
Body Rebuild Plant Based Grocery List

Plant-Based Grocery List

A complete grocery list full of foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories. This gives you the ability to consume more food with each meal so that you feel fuller longer, while still having your calories low enough to continue losing fat. Also included is a full list of high protein foods to choose from to hit your protein intake for building lean muscle.


12-Week Body Rebuild Calendar

Keep track of your workouts and know what's coming up next with this convenient calendar you can print and place anywhere for easy access. Mark each workout off as you, track your measurements, and watch as the progress unfolds before you.

Body Rebuild Training Calendar
The Kitchen Rebuild Ebook

The Kitchen Rebuild

The objective of this guide is to Systemize your eating habits. The goal is to Eradicate temptations for foods that don’t assist you with your goals and that provoke you to indulge in detrimental eating behaviors while, at the same time, replacing them with health-promoting foods.

It's designed to help you gain control over your eating choices and puts you on track for success.


Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

The Fat loss cheat sheet contains tips, routines and habits to implement every week to accelerate your weight loss progress. By implementing just one of these new habits every week, you will see a HUGE difference in your Results over the course of the program.

All of these combined will have you on the fast track to your end goal of fat loss! These are habits that I practice routinely myself.

Over the course of the program,
Body Rebuild Facebook Group

Secret Facebook Group

All Body Rebuild members are invited to join our secret Facebook group where I am always answering questions and where you can converse with other like-minded community members. 

Post progress updates, receive encouragement and accountability from our community of members who are going through the exact same transformation as you!



Body Rebuild Testimonial
Body Rebuild Testimonials
Body Rebuild Testimonial
Body Rebuild Testimonial

Let Me Ask You a Question

If you've read up to this point, I take it that you're pretty serious about making a change with your health and Rebuilding your Dream Body. But let's say, for whatever reason you choose not to do this simple to follow program.

What's going to be the turning point in your life that makes you take action on your goals? 

Are you going to wait until a health issue occurs? Or until summer approaches and you realize you don't have the beach body you've been thinking about all year?

If you truly want to make a change, you have to STOP procrastinating, STOP looking for the latest diet trend or the "magic purple pill that instantly burns off belly fat... You have to Take ACTION in the now. You only need a proven strategy and program that helps you build the proper habits and lifestyle changes. Make a decision TODAY that your body will thank you for TOMORROW. Rebuild yourself into the version that you've always wanted. 

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